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26 Strong: Philly Marathon Report, Round 1

Dimity McDowell and some of her teammates discuss their experiences at the Philadelphia Marathon as part of the Saucony 26 Strong program.

Athletics Kenya Says Rita Jeptoo’s ‘B’ Sample Is Positive

The Kenyan marathoner faces a ban from competition and elimination of her recent results.

Yoga for Runners: Butterfly

Keep your back straight while doing this yoga move, which adds flexibility.

Dynamic Warmups for Runners: Butt Kicks

Try this drill to wake up your legs before you put them through a workout.

Friday Faceplant: A Smooth Treadmill Fall

A man "falls" off a treadmill and bounces into a push-up position. But is it real?

Winter Running Advice From the Coldest Places in America

For these runners, staying inside is not an option.

Fast After 40: Master Your Balance

Do you have a balance problem?

Out There: A Runner’s Letter to Santa

Columnist Susan Lacke isn't looking for material gifts this year.

Video: Alternate Leg Skipping

This is a great drill that builds speed and explosiveness in your legs.

The Everyman: All I Want for Christmas

Jason Devaney's holiday wish list doesn't have the usual gear, nutrition and electronic items.

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