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Sarah Bowen Shea: Building My Athletic ‘Shed’

Sarah Bowen Shea has learned that in order to gain speed as a runner, she needs to strengthen her body through cross-training.

What’s The Secret To Upping Your Weekly Mileage?

Not all runners are created equal, but patience and time can go a long way.

Farah Pulls Out Of Commonwealth Games With Illness

The British runner is still on target to compete at the European Championships next month.

Nutrition For The Older Runner

Your body changes through the years. Should your diet?

3 Flexibility Test For Runners

See how you stand up against these flexibility standards and learn how to improve if you fall short.

Ethiopians Heroye, Hawi Place 1-2 In Women’s 5000m At Junior Worlds

American Maggie Schmaedick finishes 12th overall in front of her home fans.

800m Favorites Diago, Hinriksdottir Shine At Junior Worlds

Elsewhere, American Sabrina Southerland finishes eighth in her heat.

Out There: Maybe She’s Born With It

Susan Lacke learns the average runner can still become a fast runner—even if they lack the genes.

Workout Of The Week: Broken Miles

This speed session will help keep your form and pace from fading at the end of a race.

New Runner: No Pain, No Gain?

Learning to listen to your body can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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