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This Mother Runner Is Out To Prove Anybody Can Be A Runner

Sarah Greim went a bit race crazy, but her community rallied around her. This mother runner's story will inspire you to join the race.

Can You Run If You Have Bunions?

At best bunions are an annoyance when finding the best running shoes. At worst, they are very painful.

Bear Grylls Creates Survival Challenge To Debut In Los Angeles

The famous survival expert and UK Chief Scout has designed a challenge course that will put your survival skills to the test.

This New Online Primary Care Service Focuses On Runner’s Health

Runners are turning to SteadyMD, an online primary care service, that provides a personal physician in tune to the needs of active people.

The 10 Weirdest Things We Have Ever Seen On A Run

We have all witnessed something or someone while running that made us laugh out loud or scratch our heads.

10 Pieces Of Gear To Stash Your Stuff In On The Run

We can’t be the only ones who are psyched to find these pieces of running gear with unexpected storage for a key, ID, phone or fuel.

Your Allergies May Actually Be Acid Reflux Instead

The symptoms of acid reflux are so similar to allergies that they are often misdiagnosed. Here's how to know the difference.

Austin Runners Set New Women’s Record For Wonderland Trail

Austin runners Allison Macsas and Mallory Brooks ran the 93-mile trail completely unsupported in just over 29 hours to take the new record.

Under Armour CEO Steps Down From Presidential Business Council

UA pulled out of the presidential business council after President Trump failed to condemn the violent protests in Charlottesville.

3 Ways That Running Has Majorly Benefited My Life With A Chronic Illness

If you think you can't run because of chronic illness, one runners shows that it can be done.

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