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Nike Debuts New Versions of Old-School Cortez

Nike is introducing retro-looking versions of its original Cortez running shoes.

Tech Trends: Pre-Cooling To Take On A Hot Fall Marathon

Use these strategies to cool down before your next race in warm weather.

Photos: The Relentlessly Steep Manitou Incline

A closer look at one of the world's steepest trails.

Video: The Allure of the Manitou Incline

We profile this one-of-a-kind trail with sweeping views and a ridiculous steep grade.

Death to the Safety Pin? Alternatives for Runners are Plentiful

There are a growing number of options for pinning your race bib to your shirt.

Video: Stephanie Howe on Balancing Life and Running

Even the elites struggle with balancing life.

3 Ways to Make Up for a Missed Long Run

This article first appeared on Women’s Running.  It’s happened to all of us: the long run on our schedule just doesn’t happen.

Katie Hart Morse: Avoid These 10 Common Running Fails

When you try something new, things will go wrong—it happens. The magic comes in learning from your mistakes and moving on to the next

Sarah Bowen Shea: Mind Games for Your Long Run

My best running friend, Molly, crushed her first marathon, literally cracking jokes at mile 20 and smiling much of the route. But the prior

75-Year-Old Keeps Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Streak Alive

Running five to six days a week and putting in a total of 35 to 40 miles, Chet Coates stays competitive even at age 75.

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