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Michael Wardian Completes 100-Miler and Marathon In One Weekend

Michael Wardian raced both the Leadville Trail 100 and Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado this past weekend, breaking a 24-year-old record.

Usain Bolt Tweets (Then Deletes) MRI Of Hamstring Tear

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Usain Bolt took to the internet to defend an injury that took place during the final race of his career

These Races Are Perfect For The Football Obsessed Runner

These road races that include football stadiums in their courses! Some even finish on the 50-yard line.

Runner Shares Why Her Running Attire Is Not An Invitation For Assault

After receiving harassing comments based on her race day outfit, Laurah Lunkin wanted to share that victims are never to blame.

What Shalane Flanagan Can’t Run Without

Olympian and Nike Bowerman Track Club athlete Shalane Flanagan shares physical and mental must-haves for success on every run.

5 Foods Runners Should Consider Taking A Break From

If you're experiencing issues such as poor digestion or trouble sleeping, there are foods you can remove from your diet that can help.

What You Need To Know If You Are Traveling To A Race

If you are traveling to a race there are some steps you need to take for your body's health.

Chicago Hot Chocolate Race Will Give Away Diamond Accented Medals

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15K/5K will be giving away 10 diamond accented medals to lucky participants.

How To Run The Perfect Pace Without A GPS Watch

With all the dependence on technology these days, many runners have no sense of pace.

Usain Bolt Makes The Switch To Soccer And Manchester United

For one night, Usain Bolt will see his lifelong dream to play for Manchester United realized in a charity game against Barcelona.

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