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New Professional Track & Field League to Debut in Eugene

For years, track and field athletes and administrators have kicked around the idea of having some sort of U.S. pro circuit of meets to

Shoe Of The Week: New Balance Vazee Summit

A fast, go-to trail shoe for most types of off-road running.

Fueling Tips and Recipes for Before, During and After a Workout

Adapted with permission of VeloPress from “Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed Food for Sports and Adventure” by Matthew Kadey, RD. Try

Photos: The One-of-a-Kind Red Hook Crit 5K in Brooklyn

The Red Hook Criterium in Brooklyn started as an unsanctioned fixed-gear underground bike race in 2007. It was an immediate success, and a

Manipulating Carbohydrate Availability To Improve Running Performance

It’s hard to train in a perpetually bonked state.

Beer & Running: Beer Brewed Just For Runners

A look at how upstart beer brands are targeting thirsty runners.

Watch: 100-Year-Old Runner Sets World Record In 100m at Penn Relays

While Ida Wheeling finished last in the race, no one her age has ever run faster!

Injuries Suck—Here’s How to Make the Best of Them

Turn your injury into an opportunities.

Rejuvenated MBT Brand Returns With New Running Shoes

The brand uses a rocker design to stand out.

6 Small Running Brands Making Big Impacts

A wave of entrepreneurial spirit is flowing through the running world.

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