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Colleen De Reuck Wins Ironman World Championship Age-Group Title

Colleen de Reuck, a four-time Olympic runner and 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon champion, has made quite a transition to triathlon. The

Sara Hall Shares Her Chicago Marathon Data

The American shared some race-day data with us from her Fitbit Surge GPS watch.

3 Secrets To Success From the Legendary Emil Zatopek

Read on to learn three key secrets from the greatest runner you've probably never heard of.

How to Train for Your First 10K

Your first 10K is within reach! Here's how to prepare.

Alicia Keys to Run the New York City Marathon

Keys is supporting Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit she co-founded.

5 Places to Run In…New York City

There are some iconic routes to run while in New York City—routes that offer amazing views of the city while keeping you close to the

Lindsey Hein: Coach-Approved Methods to Recover Right

You just ran a marathon. It might be your first, it might be your fifth, but either way you’ve just put your body through a heavy amount

Elizabeth Bailey Weil: 9 Tips for Marathon Recovery

Congratulations! You’ve got a 26.2 finisher’s medal hanging around your neck; now it is time to celebrate and begin your marathon

Can Social Running Apps Hurt Your Training?

All that sharing of your workouts can be motivational, but it can also be too motivational.

Molly Huddle Wins Another National Title at Tufts 10K

She fell short of the U.S. record, but Huddle still collected her 19th national title.

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