Running 101: The 8 Basic Types of Runs -

A variety of workouts is necessary to run your best. Use these 8 basic types of runs to improve your running.

Do I Really Need a Trail Shoe? -

Trail running shoes are best for technical trails, learn why it is best to wear a trail specific running shoe when running technical trails.

New Runner: Buying Your First Pair Of Shoes -

They are experts at fitting shoes and understanding how different types of shoes can influence your form, ... body type, running form or training style.

The Long View: Periodization Done Differently -

Self-described marathon specialists—who perhaps outnumber those focused mainly on 5K to half marathon distances among ... type running, but at the same ...

Mizuno’s “Run With Us” Campaign Recognizes 10,000th ...

The Precision Fit® procedure determines which type of Mizuno running shoe best suits the runner’s foot type, running style, and running goals. ...

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