Running 101: The 8 Basic Types of Runs -

A variety of workouts is necessary to run your best. Use these 8 basic types of runs to improve your running.

Racers vs. Pacers: What Type Of Runner Are You ...

Tim Bradley breaks down the differences between these two types of runners and provides workouts for each one. When it comes to running style and racing ...

Choosing A Trail Running Shoe That's Right For You ...

Trail running shoes, the dirty, rugged older brothers of traditional running shoes meant for the road, aren’t all that different from their svelte sibling. In the ...

The Role of Muscle Fibers In Running -

There are different types of muscle fibers, and it's important for runners to work all of them. Photo:

Smart Marathon Training: Which Kinds Of Cross-Training Are ...

There are many cross-training options available, but not all of them are of equal value to runners.

Coach Culpepper: What Kind Of Runner Are You? -

The “I Want to Get Back Into It” Runner. This runner is not running very often or at all, but talks about it frequently with other athletic types, ...

Team Type 1 Takes Off On Run Across U.S. -

On Thursday night ten members of the Team Type 1-SANOFI running team embarked on the journey of a lifetime--a 3,000-mile run across the U.S.

The Everyman: 5 Types Of Marathon Runners -

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Ask Mario: Which Running Shoes Should I Buy? -

Q. Hi Mario, I just signed up for my first half marathon this fall and need to know what type of running shoe you recommend for a beginner? Thanks,

The Four Best Types Of Massage For Runners -

Learn more about timing, frequency and which type of massage is best for your situation. Most runners love to get a massage. Not only does it feel great, but it can ...

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