Running 101: The 8 Basic Types of Runs -

A variety of workouts is necessary to run your best. Use these 8 basic types of runs to improve your running.

Do I Really Need a Trail Shoe? -

Trail running shoes are best for technical trails, learn why it is best to wear a trail specific running shoe when running technical trails.

New Runner: Buying Your First Pair Of Shoes -

The first of those challenges is buying a pair of running shoes. ... you may wind up with a shoe that doesn’t match your foot shape, body type, running form or ...

A Shoe Guy's Take On Barefoot Running And Minimalism ...

A running shoe store employee explains the benefits and dangers of running barefoot or with minimalist running shoes.

The Long View: Periodization Done Differently -

The Long View: Periodization Done Differently . By Kevin Beck, Published May. 13, 2014, Updated May. 13, 2014 at 12:01 PM UTC

Mizuno’s “Run With Us” Campaign Recognizes 10,000th ...

The Precision Fit® procedure determines which type of Mizuno running shoe best suits the runner’s foot type, running style, and running goals. ...

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