Brooks Glycerin 10

  • Shoe Type: Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Shoe Weight: 12.5 oz
  • Heel Toe Drop: 12 mm
  • MSRP: $140.00
  • Website:
  • Additional Information: This is one of those shoes that feels as comfortably appointed inside as it does underfoot. The plush interior foam and wrap-like upper helps create a super-snug fit in the heel and midfoot, while the open mesh upper that covers the toebox offers plenty of wiggle room as your toes splay out from impact to toe-off. The ride is soft and absorbing, but not bouncy or overly responsive, either. Given the plush, cushy features of this shoe—including the independent caterpillar-like outsole lugs—it feels buttery smooth no matter where or how hard your foot strikes the ground.

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