adventure racing

4 American Adventure Races That Will Test Your Limits

Discover these multisport races in wild locales.

8 Tips For Adventure Running

What makes a run an epic run depends upon your perspective.

Q&A: Alex McDaniel On Technical Trail Running

”Forget your PR, forget your GPS and just run fast in the woods.”

Haulin’ Asses: Pack Burro Racing

Pack burro racing in Colorado dates back to 1949.

Jungle Marathon Training For Urbanites

London and New York residents can now prepare for the Amazon.

Runners Tackle Grueling Everest Marathon

Over 150 competitors took part.

Race Destination: Big Sur Mud Run

Want to get down and dirty? Register early!

Big Sur’s Mud Run A Military Experience

The seventh edition is set for later this month.

What It’s Like To Run A Jungle Marathon

It's brutal.

Police Recommend Inquiry Into Australian Ultra

Two runners were severely burned last year.

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