Aerobic Capacity

Is Carbo-Loading The Answer To Avoiding The Wall?

Gorging on carbs before a race may not be as necessary as you think.

The Runner’s Battle: Speed vs. Aerobic Endurance

Speed is rarely the limiting factor in how fast you can race, even for a distance as "short" as the 5K.

Piecing Together The Performance Puzzle

There are many ingredients in the recipe of running fitness.

The Wall Is Predictable — For Some Runners

A mathematical model is designed to help runners pace their marathons appropriately.

Does Running Really Make You Less Fit?

Chances are you are slower over very short distance than your couch potato twin.

Study: Better Runners Are … Lazy Runners?

One study suggests that runners who rely on less muscle activation actually go faster.

Study: Older Runners Still Got It

A study finds that runners maintain their running economy despite losing speed as they age.

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