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At 80, Ed Whitlock Keeps On Running

He will be competing in the Toronto Marathon this October.

Helen Clitheroe: Britain’s Next Paula Radcliffe?

At 37, she's not letting her age get in the way.

At 80, Ed Whitlock Running Rotterdam Marathon

He is hoping to run a negative-split race there next week.

Oldest Woman To Finish A Marathon Honored

She hadn't run her first marathon until she was 86.

Helen Clitheroe: An Aging Runner’s Inspiration

At the age of 37, she finally won gold.

Great Grandmother Completes Half Marathon

She hopes she's an inspiration for others.

Masters Running In Kenya

Older East Africans enjoy running to stay healthy.

She’s 92 And Still Running Strong

The nonagenarian marathoner was logging up to 50 miles a week of training.

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