Alicia Shay

Experience The Extraordinary Flagstaff Bagel Run

This decade-old group run brings together elites and age-groupers every Thursday morning.

10 Runners To Watch At The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship

Here are 5 men and 5 women to keep an eye on at the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship on Saturday.

Chris Vargo Finding His Fix On The Trails

The same addictive personality that dragged the 32-year-old down a dark road of alcoholism has fueled a fast rise to success on the trails.

Down & Dirty: Trail Racing vs. Road Racing

Two converted road racers share their three best tips for tackling off-road racing.

Ryan Shay’s Widow Ready To Compete Again

Since losing her husband, Ryan Shay, at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in New York City, widow Alicia Shay has struggled with grief,

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