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Myth Busting: Challenging 3 Common Training Assumptions

Following blind assumptions that aren't based in physiological reality can hamper recovery and lead to injury or burnout.

New Trend: Barefoot Running In The Snow?

A group of Canadian diehards are making the case for it.

Man Completes Ultra Marathon in $2 Sandals

He covered the 160K distance with three pairs of slim rubber flip-flops.

A Physical Therapist’s Take On Running Mechanics

There's more to keep in mind than just what your feet are doing.

The Five Most Common Running Form Mistakes

Are you making one of the following mechanical mistakes?

Is Barefoot Running The Best Way To Go?

New studies are casting doubt on the trend.

Running Author: 5 Questions With Chris McDougall

Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” hit bookstore shelves in 2009, and, quite frankly, the impact on the running world has been

Safely Transitioning To A Minimalist Running Shoe

Preparation and patience are key to avoiding injury.

Barefoot Running A Positive Change For Some

One Oakland, California resident is happy about her decision to go shoeless.

The Key To Successful Minimalist Running

Assess your form and take an honest look at the flaws making a negative impact on your stride.

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