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Beer & Running: A Running Store With 20 Beer Taps

Seriously? A running store that serves craft beer? Yes, seriously!

Sam Adams Brews Boston Marathon Beer

It will have less alcohol than other Sam Adams varieties.

Man Looking To Win Wife-Carrying Championship

The winning couple could take home one hundred pounds of beer and a lot of cash.

Study: Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery

Over two hundred runners took part in the German study.

Ultra Record Holder Celebrates With Finish-Line Beer

His final ultra marathon was in York, England.

Endurance Athletes’ Beer Regimen

What's your favorite post-race brew?

How To Celebrate In The Valley Of The Sun

You’ve just finished P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (or Half Marathon). Now what are you going to do? Written

Do Alcohol And Training Mix?

Is it possible to have a few drinks and still perform a successful training session the next day? The American College of Sports Medicine

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