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Lance Armstrong Tries Beer Mile, Runs 400 Meters Instead

The former professional cyclist gives up after his first lap of four around the track.

Monday Motivation: Mother Runner Crushes Beer Mile World Record

Chris Kimbrough breaks the first women's beer mile world record in 17 years.

Beer & Running: James Nielsen—Beer Mile Legend

The California runner is the first person to break 5 minutes in a beer mile.

Junk Miles: James Nielsen Breaks Beer Mile World Record

Barriers were made to be broken.

Beer & Running: How To Run A Beer Mile

It sounds like a classic bar bet: How fast can you run a mile on a track while drinking four beers along the way?

’Tis The Season: Runners Brave An “Egg Nog Mile”

Runners had to down one glass of the sweet holiday drink before each lap of the race.

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