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Ten Tips For The New Runner

Get off the couch and onto the roads.

The First 10 Steps To Becoming A Runner

Patience, the willingness to experiment, finding toughness, and heading outside are called for.

Can ‘Jogging’ Kill You?

A leading medical expert thought so back in 1969.

An Ultra That Everyone Can Finish

There are no time limits between stages.

Inside The Women’s Running Explosion

An all-male sport at the inception of the first running boom, recreational running is now dominated by women.

Coach Jenny’s Top-5 Tips for First-Time Marathoners

Coach Jenny Hadfield, author of "Marathoning For Mortals", gives her expert advice.

Surviving Mile 11 Of A Half Marathon

A new runner’s experience breaking through the wall.

Olympic Advice At Tinker Bell Half Marathon

The popular run-walk method has helped many finish their first 13.1-mile race.

Are Married Runners Better Lovers?

That's what one Canadian couple thinks.

Life-Changing Mile Motivates Marathon Mom

She now "freaking loves" to run.

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