Bill Rodgers

Everything You Need To Know About Running In 14 Words

Build step by step. Push yourself, but not too hard. Learn. Keep it fun.

Workout Of The Week: Squires Long Run

“It’s the long run that puts the tiger in the cat.” – Coach Bill Squires

Bill Rodgers: 40 Years After First Boston Marathon Win

Forever revered among marathoners, Boston Billy's legacy began 40 years ago this spring.

How Much Rest Between Training Cycles Is Enough?

Don't do your next marathon until you've forgotten your last one, Bill Rodgers once advised.

Video: Bill Rodgers On The Boston Marathon Course

Bill Rodgers discusses his favorite parts of the historic 26.2-mile marathon route that runs from Hopkinton to downtown Boston.

Study: Late Starters Run Faster In Older Years

Is it really true that people who start running later in life are able to run faster when they’re older?

Boston: The Historic Mecca Of Marathoning

Toni Reavis explains why the Boston Marathon is such a big deal.

NYRR Hall Of Fame For Rodgers, Samuelson, Shorter

The late Ted Corbitt will be honored as well.

Boston Champ Bill Rodgers Talks Cars

The legendary American runner would love to own a two-seater Mercedes, but drives a Honda Civic.

Bill Rodgers Still Stunned By Boston Tragedy

He says he's still speechless about it.

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