Volume Control: Regardless Of Body Type, Recovery Is Key

How you're built, how you run, and how well you recover all affect your training load.

Is Running Backwards The New Fitness Trend?

Studies suggest it's actually good for you.

The Secrets To Mo Farah’s Success

A British newspaper hired biomechanics experts to study his recent changes.

Barefoot Workouts Gaining Ground

Many fitness instructors have made the switch.

A Different Take On Recent Barefoot Running Article

The editor of Canadian Running raises some doubts.

Are Soft Surfaces Hard On The Body?

One researcher thinks so.

Is Barefoot Racing A Wise Thing To Do?

One runner taking part in this weekend's Boilermaker Road Race thinks so; a foot and ankle surgeon doesn't.

Author Shares Five Barefoot Running Tips

He is the co-founder of the Barefoot Running Club in Boulder, Colorado.

Chris McDougall Launching “Naked Tour”

He will be traveling to 13 cities.

These Simple Steps Are Required To Run A Marathon

One professor suggests running a couple half marathons before the big race.

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