Body Composition

Running On Optimal Fuel: Effective Fueling Strategies For Runners

The missing piece from most training plans? An effective fueling strategy.

The Long Run: High-Quality Runs

Training smarter is better than training harder.

Racing Weight: Are You Really ‘Lean Enough?’

Everyone knows it's important to be lean if you want to run fast. But how important is it?

Racing Weight: Does It Really Matter?

Body weight is important, but performance is more important.

How Do Muscle Fibers Determine How Fast You Run?

The influence of genetics and training or activity is a subject of much controversy in the scientific community.

The Truth About Grazing

Eating frequency has no effect on the body’s metabolic rate.

Burning Runner: No Missed Measurements

If measurement the key to fat loss, the first stop is the gold standard of body fat analysis: the DEXA body composition scan.

Ask The Experts: How Should I Measure My Body Fat Percentage?

Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald explains the most effective and accurate ways for athletes to measure body fat percentage.

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