The Evolution of the Marathon’s Fastest Men

Elite marathoners are easily running at a pace that was considered suicidal just 10 years ago.

How to Make Sure Group Runs are Beneficial

Group runs are a wonderful way to get your training, but there are pitfalls to avoid. Here are a couple:

An Education In Losing Your Shoes

Barefoot running expert Jason Robillard tells us the right way to run with nothing on your feet. Interview by: Mario Fraioli Ultramarathon

McCue Takes Honorable Run Tour To Los Angeles

Book has received critical praise. How has running changed your life? If you’re like author Matt McCue the answer will immediately

Meet The Barefoot Running Author Chris McDougall’s Matt Fitzgerald caught up with author of the wildly popular book “Born to Run,” Chris McDougall. Get to

Matt Fitzgerald Talks About His New Book—Racing Weight’s Matt Fitzgerald sat down for an hour with to answer questions and discuss his new book Racing Weight.

Racing Weight—A Diet Book For Endurance Athletes contributor Dave Trendler interviewed author Matt Fitzgerald about his new book Racing Weight. Fitzgerald’s new book

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