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Five Running Books You Should Be Reading

Any or all of these should be on your list for the summer.

Tarahumara Runners Racing In Colorado

Three Tarahumara runners are entered in the 45K Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run.

Five Years Later: The Legacy of ‘Born to Run’

Chris McDougall's "Born to Run" was published five years ago this spring.

Are We Really Born To Run?

There is evidence that debunks the popular running theory, writes Thomas C. Michaud.

Is There Such A Thing As Perfect Form?

Apparently, it depends on who you ask.

Running-Inspired Reading For The Summer

Looking for some new reading material? Check out the following running-inspired books.

Running Author: 5 Questions With Chris McDougall

Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” hit bookstore shelves four years ago this week, and, quite frankly, the impact on the running

Barefoot Running A Positive Change For Some

One Oakland, California resident is happy about her decision to go shoeless.

Micah True’s Ashes Spread At Chautauqua

A small group of close friends gathered in Boulder on Friday to remember Caballo Blanco.

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