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Barefoot Running A Positive Change For Some

One Oakland, California resident is happy about her decision to go shoeless.

Micah True’s Ashes Spread At Chautauqua

A small group of close friends gathered in Boulder on Friday to remember Caballo Blanco.

Micah True Died From Heart Disease

Autopsy shows ultrarunner had idiopathic cardiomyopathy.

Foundation Formed For Copper Canyon Ultra

Micah True's popular ultramarathon race will continue.

Micah True Found Dead In New Mexico

The ultrarunning icon was reported missing on Wednesday morning.

Barefoot Runner Takes Cops On Two-Hour Chase

He left wet footprints all over the place.

Celebrity Runners (Finally) Catching The Barefoot Wave

They have been seen running in pink Five Fingers.

Barefoot Workouts Gaining Ground

Many fitness instructors have made the switch.

Designer Debuts Recyclable Minimalist Running Shoe

It has five separate parts that can be replaced when need be.

Barefoot-Running Pitfalls Can Be Avoided

One newly minted minimalist shares his thoughts on the subject.

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