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Barefoot Workouts Gaining Ground

Many fitness instructors have made the switch.

Designer Debuts Recyclable Minimalist Running Shoe

It has five separate parts that can be replaced when need be.

Barefoot-Running Pitfalls Can Be Avoided

One newly minted minimalist shares his thoughts on the subject.

Is Barefoot Running Leading To An Injury “Epidemic”?

It depends who you ask.

Addressing The Issues Of The Barefoot Running Argument

Triathlete Magazine senior tech editor Aaron Hersh points out some key oversights in a recent post on the "barefoot vs. shod running"

Are We Built To Run Barefoot?

It depends on who you ask.

Chris McDougall Launching “Naked Tour”

He will be traveling to 13 cities.

Beware of Counterfeit Vibram FiveFingers

One reporter got ripped off.

Vibram Heads To China

The company's Five Fingers brand now accounts for 30% of its global sales.

Top Ultra Runners Attending Colorado Fundraiser

The money will help bring clean-burning stoves to Peru.

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