How Should I Breathe When I Run?

If you're not focused on how you breathe while running, you should be.

Video: Restorative Yoga For Recovery

Restorative yoga emphasizes deep relaxation in an effort to feel rested and recovered.

Balanced Breathing For Better Running

Your breath is a powerful tool for your running.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Proper Breathing

In this video, yoga expert Sage Rountree explains the importance of maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern across a variety of paces.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Downward Facing Dog

Learn how to properly perform this popular pose that stretches the muscles in the backside of the body.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 2

Sage Rountree describes the second of three low lunge exercises that will help to open up your hips.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 1

Learn how to open your hips and increase your stride length!

Video: Breathing Exercises For Relaxation

Get nervous before a race or hard workout? Learn to relax with these great exercises.

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