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Helen Clitheroe: Britain’s Next Paula Radcliffe?

At 37, she's not letting her age get in the way.

Mo Farah Says He’s Never Been So Confident

He's happy he moved to Oregon.

Radcliffe Describes Return To Running As A “Disaster”

She hadn't raced in 18 months.

Helen Clitheroe: An Aging Runner’s Inspiration

At the age of 37, she finally won gold.

Another British Marathoner Back From Pregnancy

She hopes to use the London Marathon as a springboard.

Burned British Soldier Set To Run 52 Marathons

The British veteran was badly burned in Iraq five years ago.

Paula Radcliffe’s Harrowing Birth Experience

The world-record marathoner’s second birthing experience was a lot more traumatic. Paula Radcliffe recently gave birth to her second

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