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Burning Runner: I Admit It, I’m A Chronic Heel Striker!

T.J thought he was a mid-foot striker...well, he thought wrong!

Burning Runner: First Steps

“It will be a painful process. It won’t happen overnight.”

Burning Runner: The Injury Prevention Overhaul

Competitor's T.J. Murphy is seeking injury prevention, a power diet, revitalized form and high performance. Will he find it?

Burning Runner: Fixing My Form To Avoid Injury

In 25 years of running, T.J. Murphy never paid much attention to his technique. Until now.

Burning Runner: The Road To Injury-Free Running Starts Now!

T.J. is covering all his bases on the way to healthy running in 2011.

Burning Runner: Rising From The Ashes Of Injury

After missing his 2010 goal race due to a knee injury, T.J. Murphy is committing himself to good health in the new year.

Burning Runner: The Ol’ Injury Fandango

With one week to go until the Zappos.com Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon, T.J. is dancing around a nagging knee issue.

Burning Runner Box Score: November 15

With 3 weeks left to go, T.J is still 5 pounds away from his goal weight.

Burning Runner: The Working Diet

With 3 weeks to go until his goal race, T.J. shares the secrets of his weight-loss success.

Burning Runner Box Score: November 1

With 5 weeks left to go, T.J is 5 pounds away from his goal weight.

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