Video: The Truth About Caffeine and Endurance Performance

Caffeine is everywhere in sports nutrition products. How much does it help?

The Everyman: An Ode To Caffeine

Jason Devaney writes about the evolution of coffee in his life.

Nutrition: Fueling Your Brain For Running

Perform better by taking stuff that makes running feel easier.

Is The Final Marathon Sprint Potentially Deadly?

One doctor suggests taking baby aspirin to prevent a race-day heart attack.

Celebrate National Coffee Day!

Coffee: Helping endurance athletes get out of bed every morning.

Short-And-Sweet Long Run Recovery Tips

One newspaper lays out six tips for maximizing recovery and minimizing the chances of injury.

Racing The Boston Marathon: Your Race Day Plan

The best way to have a good day at Boston is to stick to your training plan. Don’t do anything new!

Simple Palate: Best (And Worst) In Show: Natural Products Expo West

Cielestia Calbay was like a kid in a candy store last week in Anaheim.

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