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Family Of Eight Running Across North America

They are doing it to raise money for children's fitness programs.

Canadian Olympic Marathon Project Scaled Back

The co-founders say there just isn't enough interest.

At 80, Ed Whitlock Keeps On Running

He will be competing in the Toronto Marathon this October.

Kenyan Wins Marathon Despite Running 2K Extra

The lead escort vehicle had made a wrong turn.

Dire Tune Wins Gender Challenge In Ottawa

She beat the great Deriba Merga to the finish line with a 3:55 head start.

“Twilight” Actor Runs Marathon For Deceased Friend

He plays Demetri the vampire in the movies.

Are Married Runners Better Lovers?

That's what one Canadian couple thinks.

Inventors Unveil “Cruise Control” System For Runners

The novel device is currently the size of a backpack.

Artist To Design New Terry Fox Sculpture

A new statue is being cast of Canada's legendary runner.

Simon Bairu’s Big Marathon Debut This Weekend

The Canadian 10,000m-record holder is looking forward to competing this Sunday at the ING New York City Marathon.

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