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How Much Fat Should Runners Eat?

Too little fat is as bad as too much fat.

Nutrient Timing Is Everything For Runners

How an athlete's body utilizes energy is infinitely more critical than that of their sedentary peers.

Taking Another Look At Glycemic Index

Evidence suggests the glycemic index of foods doesn’t matter as much as you’ve been told.

5 Tips For Limiting Holiday Weight Gain

Use these tips to balance holiday enjoyment with your needs as an athlete.

What’s The Deal With GI Distress During Races?

One study suggests carbs are not the main culprit.

Become A Plant-Powered Athlete

Check out these tips to learn how following a plant-based diet can also complement your training.

The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition

Use these six cutting-edge tips to avoid the dreaded wall the next time you tackle 26.2.

Balancing PH Levels In Your Body

Get your PH levels in the right range and keep your biochemical balance in check.

The Everyman: How’s The Bacon?

And don't forget the potato chips and pints of beer.

5 Top Memory-Boosting Foods

Try some or all of these items to keep your mind sharp.

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