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5 Boston Charity Runners Tell Their Stories

For some runners, competing in the Boston Marathon is not only about achieving an athletic dream, it’s about running with a higher

Veteran Mike Sheehy Runs Ultras to Raise Money for Charities

After leaving the military, Mike Sheehy now runs long distances to give back to the community fundraising for local charities.

Woman Sets New 1000K Ultra Record In Australia

Her mantra was "relentless, forward, progress".

Stanley Cup Champion Messier To Run NYC Marathon

He is doing it to raise money for two charities.

Ultra Record Holder Celebrates With Finish-Line Beer

His final ultra marathon was in York, England.

Ultra Marathoner Meeting “Sub-4” Roger Bannister

The legendary miler gives his full backing of the record attempt.

Man Completes Marathon In London’s “Eye”

Man Completes Marathon In London's "Eye"

Man Running Marathon In Bomb-Disposal Gear

He hopes to break the bomb-disposal-gear marathon world record.

Runner Receiving Donations For Passing People

He got the idea from former New York Giants wide receiver Armani Toomer.

Ultra Runner Training In Central Park For “Pole-to-Pole”

It's an 11,000-mile journey to benefit the Red Cross.

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