Christopher McDougall

Five Running Books You Should Be Reading

Any or all of these should be on your list for the summer.

Is There Such A Thing As Perfect Form?

Apparently, it depends on who you ask.

Running-Inspired Reading For The Summer

Looking for some new reading material? Check out the following running-inspired books.

Celebrity Runners (Finally) Catching The Barefoot Wave

They have been seen running in pink Five Fingers.

Barefoot Workouts Gaining Ground

Many fitness instructors have made the switch.

Barefoot-Running Pitfalls Can Be Avoided

One newly minted minimalist shares his thoughts on the subject.

Is Barefoot Running Leading To An Injury “Epidemic”?

It depends who you ask.

Are We Built To Run Barefoot?

It depends on who you ask.

Top Ultra Runners Attending Colorado Fundraiser

The money will help bring clean-burning stoves to Peru.

One Man’s Take On Barefoot Running

According to Britain's leading barefoot running coach, it's all about form.

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