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Doing More With Less

Some of America’s 50 Best Running Stores are making the most of the barefoot running craze.

The Barefoot Running Debate Continues

It seems like nearly everyone has an opinion on this subject.

Mumbai To Host World’s First Barefoot Half Marathon

The race kicks off in one the world's most populous cities.

Born To Run Barefoot In The Big Apple

Barefoot runners from all over came out on Friday night to hear a panel of experts, celebrities, and coaches speak about minimalism.

Big Barefoot Turnout Expected In New York

There should be more shoeless runners than ever participating in the ING New York City Marathon.

Montana Runners Raise Money For The Tarahumara

The tribe of indigenous runners made famous by the book, "Born to Run" are getting some help from a group of Montana ultramarathoners.

The Barefoot Brahmin: Exclusive Interview With Christopher McDougall

The author of "Born to Run" sheds thoughts on his book, barefoot running and more.

An Education In Losing Your Shoes

Barefoot running expert Jason Robillard tells us the right way to run with nothing on your feet. Interview by: Mario Fraioli Ultramarathon

The Barefoot Running Injury Epidemic

Business is booming at America’s running injury clinics.

Barefoot Running Hits Boston

City Sports hosts big names in barefoot running during Boston Marathon weekend. Written By: Mario Fraioli One look at the feet of the crowd

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