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Now Foods Issues Recall of Calcium, Magnesium Supplements

The company has received reports of nausea and elevated blood vitamin D levels tied to the use of the products.

Reason to Celebrate: National Donut Day

It's OK to indulge every once in a while.

Former NFL Star Tim Dwight To Compete in Ford Ironman Couer D’Alene

Written by: Cielestia Calbay When the Atlanta Falcons drafted Tim Dwight in 1998, they called him the “Kamikaze Kid” because of his

Simple Palate: Taste Test: Frozen Whole Grain Waffles

By Cielestia Calbay If you’re pressed for time but crave waffles after a hard workout or race, a quick and easy frozen version sounds

Simple Palate: Low-Salt Diet Not Effective, Research Says

By Cielestia Calbay Take this with a grain of salt. A recent study is stirring up controversy as it found that low-salt diets may not be as

Simple Palate: Eating Green on Earth Day

By Cielestia Calbay Today marks the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. And though only 36 percent of Americans are concerned about the

Simple Palate: Meatless Good Friday: 5 Ways to Still Get Your Protein

By Cielestia Calbay Those observing Good Friday will want to have a meat-free meal come dinnertime.  But cutting out meat doesn’t

Simple Palate: What’s in Your Easter Basket?

By Cielestia Calbay The fall holiday season has a reputation for being indulgent, but Easter is just as bad. As the Lenten season ends this

Simple Palate: The Junk Food Excuse

By Cielestia Calbay A bag of Cheetos a day keeps the stress away. Or so suggests a new study that found elevated levels of salt in the body

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