Coaching Costa Rica

Coaching Costa Rica: One Day Away

Costa Rican marathoner Cesar Lizano will realize his Olympic dream on Sunday.

Video: Coaching Costa Rica

We catch up with Costa Rican Olympic marathoner Cesar Lizano and his coach, Competitor's Mario Fraioli.

Coaching Costa Rica: The Final Push

Mario Fraioli updates on Cesar Lizano's progress as the Olympic Marathon approaches.

Coaching Costa Rica: Pre-Olympic Training Camp

Mario Fraioli shares some insight from Costa Rican Olympic Marathoner Cesar Lizano's recent two-week training camp in San Diego.

Photos: Cesar Lizano, Pre-Olympic Training Camp

Check out these shots of Costa Rican Olympian working out recently in San Diego.

Coaching Costa Rica: Sharpening The Tools

Competitor's Mario Fraioli shares some insight into the training of Costa Rican Olympic marathoner Cesar Lizano.

Coaching Costa Rica: A Passion For Running's Mario Fraioli gives an inside look at the growing running community in Costa Rica.

Coaching Costa Rica: An Olympic Experience senior producer Mario Fraioli shares his experiences coaching Costa Rica's Olympic marathoner, César Lizano.

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