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Video: Kara Goucher Talks About Her Recent Coaching Change

In this video Kara Goucher talks to Competitor's Mario Fraioli about her recent coaching change.

Kara Goucher Training Under Jerry Schumacher

She has decided to stay in Oregon.

Fukushi Puts Faith In Coach For Chicago Marathon

She needs to stay with pacemaker Patrick Rizzo.

First-Time Marathoners Bolstered By The Crowd

One 40-year-old couldn't have finished it without her friends.

Out There: The Importance Of A Coach-Athlete Relationship

The biggest proof a coach-athlete relationship is working? I’ve yet to question him or the training plan.

La Salle Track Coach Charles Torpey Dies At 58

He had been supervising a workout when he suffered an apparent heart attack.

Alec Rukosuev: Building Better Athletes with Swimming

In the May 2011 issue of Competitor, we profiled “crazy Russian” coach Alec Rukosuev. It was difficult to translate all of his passion

Ryan Hall On His Winter Training: “I didn’t like running.”

Despite a shaky start, Hall makes a thrilling return to world-class fitness and runs one of the fastest marathons ever.

The Great Experiment: Exclusive Pre-Race Interview With Ryan Hall

The owner of the fastest time ever recorded by an American at the Boston Marathon (2:08:41) assesses his new approach to running on the eve

Manager Calls Webb Rumor “Totally Bogus”

Ray Flynn says his athlete has not yet decided on who will coach him next.

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