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Why I’m Not Surprised Alan Webb Split From Alberto Salazar

Competitor's Mario Fraioli analyzes Alan Webb's coaching commitment issues over the course of his competitive career.

Alan Webb Leaves Salazar, Oregon Project

The American mile record holder is looking for a new coach.

The Great Innovator: Exclusive Interview With Alberto Salazar

We caught up with Salazar earlier this week on the Competitors Radio show. Click here and listen to the full interview!

What To Do When Signing Up For Your First Race

Beginning runners are often challenged finding the right race for the right time.

Khannouchi Splitting With His Wife

Despite the divorce, the two will still maintain a coaching relationship.

Runner Crawls To Finish For Coach And Team

She collapsed meters before the finish and crawled across the line. At the California State Cross Country meet last Saturday, 16-year-old

NYU Coach Is One Diamond Richer

Coach Jon Phillips had planned to run the race as a tune-up.

Ryan Hall Will Run Boston Marathon

Will the third time be the charm?

Joe Vigil Honored At Adams State

Bronze statue erected in honor of influential running coach.

New York Road Runners Off To A Running Start

Instructional videos aim to inspire coaches and shape a new generation of runners.

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