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How Do Sub-Freezing Temperatures Affect Performance?

It's important to understand what happens physiologically when ambient temperatures plummet further and further toward zero.

The Everyman: Winter Arrives Early

Cold weather and snow shouldn't keep you from running this winter.

The Everyman: Reasons To Run — In The Fall

The season's third season is just about here.

How Cold Is Too Cold To Run?

Is there a baseline temperature? What about frostbite? We break down the best way to run in the cold weather.

You Have To Be A Little Crazy To Run In Antarctica

Thirty-six runners gave it a shot

Rescued Alaskan Runner Loses Feet To Frostbite

He had been going through a personal crisis.

How To Stay Warm In A Cold-Weather Marathon

One running doctor suggests seven simple tips.

Oregonian Marathoner On A Roll In Alaska

He won two marathons in two days.

Brutal Winter Challenging Boston-Bound Runners

Snow, ice, and sleet aren't running-friendly elements.

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