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Out There: Le Tour de Farce

Professional cycling needs to get its act together, and that's no joke.

Out There: This One’s For The Birds

Chrissie the Majestic Eagle and Susan the Pooping Pigeon end their races in the same way: with a smile and a genuine excitement for the

Out There: You Know You’re An Endurance Athlete When…

Do you fit any of these descriptions?

Out There: Triathlon Trouble

One man's pleasure is another woman's pain.

Out There: Astrology For The Endurance Athlete

What's your sign mean for next month's workouts?

Photo Gallery: Behind The Scenes With Competitor Mag May Cover Model Ann Wessling

Check out these outtakes from our Competitor Magazine May cover shoot with Ann Wessling.

Out There: The Endurance Athlete’s Scrapbook

Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke takes us through her scrapbook of sporting memories.

Meet Kara Goucher & Get A Signed Copy Of Competitor Magazine!

Come get your copy of Competitor Magazine signed by Kara Goucher this Saturday at NikeTown!

Out There: Self-Talking Our Bodies Into Submission

Watch the athletes in the moments leading up to the race. They’re talking to themselves. You know, like crazy folk.

Meet The Faces Of Competitor Magazine &

Meet T.J. Murphy, Matt Fitzgerald and Mario Fraioli on Boston Marathon weekend for shoe advice, race-day tips and more!

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