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Competitor’s T.J. Murphy To Speak At Tri Club Event

Triathlete and Competitor magazine’s T.J. Murphy to speak to the Golden Gate Tri Club in San Francisco Tuesday night.

Out There: Grounds For Thought

Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke reflects on lessons learned after 30 days without coffee.

Out There: 6 Reasons Fun Runs Will Rock Your Socks Off (Plus a Super-Awesome Contest!)

If you haven’t been doing fun runs lately, you’re missing out. Here’s six reasons why you should check ‘em out!

Post-Race Recovery Meal: Beer?

Are a few suds the best way to recover from a race or long run?

Out There: Running Is For The Dogs

Moxie has won again. Strangely, I’m okay with that.

Out There: An Open Letter To Bandit Runners

“You’re so special. You deserve to run all the races you want for free.” Written by: Susan Lacke Dear Bandit, How’d you do

Out There: How I’m Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke on love, and how to make it work.

Out There: I’m Really Not An Athlete

Meet Susan Lacke, Competitor Magazine's newest columnist. As you'll soon come to see, she's a little Out There!

Winter 2010 Running Shoe Review

Our running shoe guide features a range of running tools for all types of weather, surfaces and speeds.

Zoot Ultra Kalani–($140)

“The sock-like upper made them feel more like an extension of my foot than a shoe.”

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