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Foresee It, Believe It, Achieve It: The Power Of Visualization For Runners

If utilized correctly, visualization can become quite powerful in getting the very most out of yourself.

Putting Pre-Race Nerves To Work

Instead of letting them bring you down, use your pre-race butterflies to your advantage.

Get Visual: Mental Tips For Training, Racing

Visualization and planning can go a long way on race day.

Video: Get Focused Before Your Race

One of the top 10,000 meters runners in the U.S., David Jankowski, discusses the importance of getting focused before a big race.

Marathon Training: Consider A Dress Rehearsal

It may give you a much-needed shot of confidence.

Ask The Experts: What Can I Do About Pre-Race Nerves?

Matt Fitzgerald gives advice on combatting pre-race anxiety.

A Confident Comrades Champ Makes It A Trifecta

His coach says hard work has paid off.

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