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As A Runner, Are You Strong Enough?

It all comes down to proper strength and conditioning.

Water Running: A Low-Impact Run Workout

This form of aquatic exercise is one of the best cross-training workouts for runners, injured or not.

5 Reasons Why Every Runner Should Cross-Train

Cycling, swimming and strength training are just a few ways for runners to improve their fitness.

How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Shape?

Not long, but you can maintain your fitness level with minimal workouts.

Expert Advice: Run Smarter To Avoid Injury

Learn how you can run fewer miles without sacrificing speed.

Smart Marathon Training: Get The Most For Least

Any runner who attempts a long distance race without properly preparing courts disaster.

Treating and Preventing Stress Fractures In Runners

Learn how to identify and address your imbalances to reduce the risk of injury.

Smart Marathon Training–Durability: Art Or Science?

There are two kinds of long-distance runners: the kind who admit to having been injured and the kind who don’t.

Adjusting Your Training For Missed Workouts

Don't let a few zeroes in your log book throw you off track.

Smart Marathon Training: Which Kinds Of Cross-Training Are Best For Runners?

There are many cross-training options available, but not all of them are of equal value to runners.

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