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Elliptical Workouts For Injured Runners

Can't run? Replicate your workouts on an elliptical machine.

Injured? Try Deep Water Running

If you’re injured, it can speed recovery. If you’re healthy, it can boost your speed. Here’s why you should give deep water running a

Cross-Training 101: Plyometrics For Runners

These explosive moves will help your fast-twitch muscle fibers start firing.

Ask Mario: How Should I Train Through An Injury?

Don't lose faith in your fitness during these last few weeks before your race.

The Benefits Of Diversified Training

Any form of repetition can cause someone to burn out. Running is no exception.

Smart Marathon Training: Make The Workout Count

Whether it's burning fat, improving speed, or strengthening certain muscle groups, each workout has a specific purpose.

Making The Case For Cross-Training

High volume doesn't always have to mean high mileage.

Cross-Training 101: Row Your Way To A Better Run

This exercise works a lot more than just your arms.

12 Expert Trail Running Tips

Lesley Paterson has racked up wins in trail races and off-road triathlons.

Four Approaches To Cross-Training For Runners

Should you be a maximalist, supplemental, seasonal, or emergency cross-trainer?

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