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Brian MacKenzie’s 12-Week CrossFit Endurance Advanced Training Program

Want to take your training further? Give this 12-week advanced plan a try!

Burning Runner: 6 Weeks To Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle

A report on using Crossfit Endurance for half-marathon training.

Burning Runner: Replacing High-Mileage With Crossfit Endurance

Is LSD, Arthur Lydiard-style training the only way to train as a distance runner?

Burning Runner: No Missed Measurements

If measurement the key to fat loss, the first stop is the gold standard of body fat analysis: the DEXA body composition scan.

Burning Runner: The Paleo-Zone 2-Week Challenge

T.J. discusses the importance of diet in relation to his new CrossFit Endurance training approach.

Burning Runner: Comparing Opposite Approaches

T.J. compares his old training approach to his current CrossFit Endurance method of half-marathon training.

Competitor’s T.J. Murphy To Speak At Tri Club Event

Triathlete and Competitor magazine’s T.J. Murphy to speak to the Golden Gate Tri Club in San Francisco Tuesday night.

Burning Runner: Daily Training Log, March 24

T.J. Murphy reports on half-marathon training the CrossFit Endurance way.

Photo Gallery: Competitor Editors Give CrossFit A Try

Check out these photos of Competitor's editorial team giving CrossFit Endurance a try!

Burning Runner: Daily Log, March 17, 2011

T.J. transitions from Long Slow Distance to Power, Speed and Endurance through the Crossfit Endurance method of training.

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