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Warming Signs: Hydration Adjustments For A Warm Boston Marathon

With race day temps forecasted to be in the 80's, staying on top of your fluid intake is of the utmost importance.

Ultramarathon Organizers Allegedly Weren’t Prepared

The race company is under increasing scrutiny for its staging of the event.

How To Take Smart Exercise Breaks

One writer shares six simple tips to ward off injury.

Ask The Running Doc: How Can I Train & Race In The Heat?

Use these tips to stay cool this summer.

Should You Know Your Sweat Rate?

Recent research says it's probably not necessary. Learn why.

New Micro Sensor Can Detect Real-Time Dehydration

Previous sensors weighed up to 13 pounds.

Should You Be Worried About Rhabdo?

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to safeguard the body against this disease.

Runner Dies At Chicago 13.1 Mile Marathon

The oppressive heat and humidity may have been partly to blame for the death of Chicago runner.

Man Training For Badwater In Homemade Heat Room

He can crank it up to 170 degrees.

Sports Science Update: It’s Okay To Lose Weight (During A Run)

A new study shows that weight loss is not equal to water loss during exercise.

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