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Hall Leads Field Of Olympians at USA 10K Championships

Seven U.S. Olympians are in the July 4 Peachtree Road Race, which doubles as the national championship.

Photos: America’s Best Women Marathoners

Scroll through the photos below to see why the U.S. has more women’s depth than ever in the marathon. When it comes to fast women

Photos: Meb, Jeptoo Win 2014 Boston Marathon

Check out these photos of top runners from

Video: Desiree Linden’s Pre-Marathon Rituals

Desiree Linden talks about what shoes she'll race in, what she'll eat for a pre-race meal and what she'll do for a run the day before the

Video: Desiree Linden Talks Boston 2014

Desiree Linden discusses her preparation and talks about what's different heading into this year's race.

Boston-Bound: Lanni Marchant’s Border Wars

Canada’s best marathoner remains in conflict with her country and the U.S.

Kenya Project: Returning To The Boston Marathon

Desiree Linden recaps her final long run in Iten and discusses returning to Boston for the first time since finishing second in 2011.

Kenya Project: Desiree Linden On Extending Her Long Runs

In Episode 3 of The Kenya Project, Desiree Linden talks about adjusting to altitude and extending her long runs.

Kenya Project: Desiree Linden On The Running Culture In Iten

American marathoner Desiree Linden discusses what she's learned training in Iten, Kenya for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

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