Dick Beardsley

4 Boston Marathon Tips From Dick Beardsley

Every marathon presents challenges. Boston has a very unique set of them.

Champions Return To Napa Marathon

The winner gets their weight in wine.

Legendary Coach Squires Turns 80

Toni Reavis honors the Boston-based coach.

Reliving Boston’s Duel In The Sun

The Salazar-Beardsley contest celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Wind Is A Big Factor At Grandma’s Marathon

If conditions hold, runners will have the breeze to their backs.

35 Years Later, Garry Bjorklund Recalls First Grandma’s

A shoe problem nearly cost him the win.

Beardsley Recalls Co-Winning First London Marathon

It was the first win of his career.

Dick Beardsley’s Story About Overcoming Addiction

He began taking painkillers after a near-fatal farming accident.

This Year’s Napa Marathon Honors Boston

Dick Beardsley, winner of both marathons, will be in Napa this year.

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