Duncan Larkin

Anthony Famiglietti Opens Up In New Interview

The two-time American U.S. in the steeplechase considers himself to be a man of the people.

Learn How To Reap The Benefits Of Singles

They paid off for 2:08 Japanese marathoner Yuki Kawauchi.

Jason Hartmann Talks About Beating Meb In SF

He finished six seconds ahead of the legendary runner last weekend.

Kim Smith Ready To Rock The Crescent City Once Again

Kiwi back for another go at Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras on Sunday.

Brad Hudson Weighs In On Ritzenhein’s Form

Dathan Ritzenhein's former coach thinks Ritz's form was just fine.

Book Review: Oxygen Debt

Most works of running fiction don’t tell a morbid tale, but then again Oxygen Debt is unlike any other work of running fiction that’s

Born To Run Barefoot In The Big Apple

Barefoot runners from all over came out on Friday night to hear a panel of experts, celebrities, and coaches speak about minimalism.

Rockin’ & Rollin’ For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

An oncology nurse who lost both her father and father-in-law to the same disease, Maluh Po is running to help find a cure.

The Barefoot Brahmin: Exclusive Interview With Christopher McDougall

The author of "Born to Run" sheds thoughts on his book, barefoot running and more.

Ryan Hall Interview

Days before the Boston Marathon, Ryan Hall answers questions on a range of topics. Interview by: Duncan Larkin As soon as the starting gun

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