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Dynamic Warmup for Runners: High Knee Stretching

This is a great way to stretch out your glutes before a run. It’s important to concentrate on your posture, though as the video

Dynamic Warmup for Runners: The Lunge and Twist

Once you get the technique down, the lunge and twist is a great dynamic warmup for runners.

Video: Warm Up With the Raised Toe Walk

Work the muscles on the fronts of your lower legs with this quick warm-up.

The Benefits of Running Backward

Work muscles that don't normally get worked during your warmup by running backward.

The Best Way To Warm Up

Dynamic warm-up drills may be the single best way to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Competitor on Demand: Grapevines

Build lateral leg strength with this well-known agility drill.

Dynamic Warmups Make You Stronger, Faster

Five minutes of this before one run can make a world of difference.

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