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2014 Boston Marathon’s Economic Impact Is High

An estimated $175.8 million will be spent by marathon participants, spectators, media and other visitors.

Miami Marathon’s Monumental Economic Impact

Over $50 million was generated last year.

Annual Marathon A Bonanza For Chicago

A recent report indicates that $220 million was raised for the Windy City.

ING Miami Marathon To Generate Sizable Economic Impact

More than $45 million is anticipated.

Columbus Marathon Benefitted Local Economy

A study conducted by Fisher College of Business measured the event's impact on the local community.

Marathon Means Big Money For Chicago

The marathon is timed when the city most needs the tourists dollars.

Runner Friendly Communities Announced

Ten cities across the country met the program's criteria

Big Sur Marathon Pumps $30M Into Local Community

A first-ever economic impact report provides key information about the contributions.

adidas Partners With Honolulu Marathon

The race delivers $100 million in positive economic impact to Hawaii.

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