Energy Bars

Fuel Buzz: Rodeo Labs Trailnuggets

Healthy, whole food bars are becoming an increasingly popular item to pack on long runs for an easy mid- or post-run snack. Recently our

Whole Food vs. Sports Drinks, Bars And Chews

Which type of nutrition is better for endurance athletes?

Bar Hopping: Clif Adds Kit’s Organic

The new bar is organic, simple and delicious.

Bar Hopping: Promax Nutrition’s Pure Bar Releases New Flavors

Ten flavors now grace store shelves.

Arsenic Found In Some Energy Bars

Alarming levels found in items containing brown rice syrup.

Bar Hopping: Putting Rise Bars To The Taste Test

Natural nutrition that fuels the mind and body.

Clif Bar Introduces Coconut Chocolate Chip

New addition to the original bar lineup brings flavor count to 16.

Kastor’s Kitchen: Energy Bars

Refuel after a hard workout with these nutritious and delicious energy bars.

The Truth About Energy Bars

When you want to refuel and recover, the right energy bar can make all the difference.

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