Salazar Rejects Farah Doping Claims

The double-Olympic medalist's coach dismisses the doubters.

What’s The Real Story With Altitude Training?

Getting faster isn’t simply a matter of getting high and cranking out the miles.

Irish Runner Martin Fagan Admits To Doping

He was caught in an out-of-competition drug test last month.

Former Drug Cheat Wins Christchurch Marathon

She served out a two-year ban from the sport and is now back racing.

Former New Zealand Drug Cheat Back Running

She had tested positive for EPO in 2009.

Eddy Hellebuyck Comes Clean About EPO

Six years after testing positive for EPO, the former marathon champion finally admits his guilt.

Hematide: The New, Undetectable EPO?

New drug aimed at helping patients with kidney problems could be the latest performance enhancer in athletics. Anti-doping authorities are

New Zealand Marathoner Banned For Doping

Liza Hunter-Galvan will be banned for two years after testing positive for EPO in an out-of-competition test and admitting to taking the

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