Fatigue : Page 2

Overtraining: Why It Happens, How To Spot It & How To Dig Yourself Out

More than half of all runners will overdo it at least once in their running career.

Is Perceived Effort All In Your Brain?

A recent study by Samuele Marcora suggests this might be the case.

What’s The Real Benefit Of Recovery Runs?

Recovery runs actually don't help you recover-but they're still worth doing.

What Is Overtraining?

The world's only "athletic illness" remains poorly understood.

Brain Ergogenics: What Are They, And Do They Work?

And could they be the next big thing in endurance sports?

Hyperthermia on the Run: A Collegiate Athlete’s Frightening Tale

Stanford Medical School student, triathlon team member and Impala Racing Team member, Kierann Smith, was on pace to race her best race ever

Sports Science Update: How Lactic Acid Prevents Fatigue

Two new studies demonstrate that much-maligned lactate is benign at worst and beneficial at best.

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